High Probability Trade Setups

The US market had 4 trading days last week because of the Presidential funeral. The week started strong on Monday trading to 26000, Tuesday selling day with no trade Thursday and Friday sell off continued and we ended the week at 24388 points.

We are technically at support 24250 points, we have had this support severally this year at 24250. Monday this week looking at the pre-market data we are down indicating the market will seek to open lower and if the support does not hold the DOW could trade down to 23500 points.

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Trade Stocks for a Cash Flow

Today I want you to learn a trick to buy, sell, cash out and repeat. This will show you techniques that builds on some core concepts that active traders used to buy stocks, sell, cash out and repeat the process. I will seek to quickly review cash flow, discuss stock predictable patterns, the process and practical strategies to utilize the process.

The learning outcome of today’s post is to show you how professional traders make cash flow by simply trading the market remember in the last post, we mentioned that cash flow is king.

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Free Stock Market Analysis – Thursday 08th November 2018


Following my holiday in the sunshine, I am are back with your 08th November 2018 Thursday morning market update; hope you have had a good trading week so far?

Wednesday trading was up 545 points and it was part of what we expected. Regardless of the US mid-term election we were going to have a bullish day

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Free Stock Market Analysis – Monday 29th October 2018

Hello and hope you all had a fantastic weekend? Getting ready for the new week?


Lots of volatility last week, we had a lot of selling early last week and the selling day on Wednesday causing the rally on Thursday while on Friday we referred to as the end of the bearish move though no guarantees but we have reached our target support at 24500points

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Stock Market Analysis – Thursday 25th October 2018

Stock Market Analysis

There was a pretty big selling on Wednesday 24th October 2018 on the DOW JONES, The DOW was down 600 points and as discussed previously see post from 22nd October 2018, we predicted a sell off previously on Monday morning.

We can see the selling on Wednesday with the long lower shadows below, the day looked pretty normal then suddenly the selling force came in a bit late in the day.

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Stock Market Analysis – Monday 22nd October 2018

Here we go with the stock market update for Monday 22nd October 2018, following some few weeks of trading craze. Following from previous analysis we predicted a big bounce and a possible continued sell off.

On Tuesday we had a big bounce with more than 500 points gain on DOW JONES which slowed down on Friday; see the weak candle and lots of selling pressure. We should still expect a bit of selling to carry on.

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How To Buy And Sell Stocks Online – The Profitable Strategy With Low Risk

Let me start by asking you this question. What is the present value of a stock? It is what someone is willing to pay for it. In doubt what causes the price to change? What the buyers and sellers THINK about a stock (People’s Sentiment). click here to read more on how people sentiment move stock price.

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Stock Trading Tips – Doubt less and Act More

Yes just like that. In real sense success takes preparation but when the opportunity arrives it looks like magic or a miracle. In fact, if you don’t have a strategy or follow a proven path, it may never happen at all.  You are wondering why I am discussing success as if it takes few minutes to make it all happen.

Two Strategies…

Strategy #1 is for anyone interested in leading a successful life or business is to PLAN…

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