My Trading Story

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About Dayo

Hi everyone and welcome to simply stocks and options website. Trading stocks and options has been a passion of mine because I learnt money can work for you rather than working for money.

I have traded the markets for 19 years and developed technical and fundamental skills that helps me profit from the market trends almost every week. The passion for trading all started when I lost my Dad 21 years ago and was determined to lead a better life with the little available. I sought advice and was introduced to to world of trading stocks and later options.Now I want to give others what I used to succeed.

Over the years I have learnt that the financial market is not a luck game but all about riding the trends in the market when the big players swings the volume to long or short stocks. I want to offer these insights on how to simply trade the market by providing tips and techniques to initiate profitable trades for dummy or first time retail traders.

How I Got Hooked to Trading Stocks and Options

In May 1998 I just lost my Dad, it was as if the world was crashing down. I kept thinking about life and what next would I do with what was available “spend it or invest it” he always supported me and now had to support myself and to family he left behind.

I knew hard work pays but how long before the big break? How long to better investment returns and lead a successful life? Since I managed to raise cash through to sale of a landed property and other asset to pay off debts owed and organize for burials so we were not left with much save £8,000 which was put into savings. The savings interest were ridiculously low so it was no benefit to anyone. One day, I decided to seek a way to get more and discussed with a banker family friend She said frankly – “the real business gurus do not saving money in banks rather they trade and invest in stocks.”

This aroused my interest and inquisitiveness to a path of discovering what real business people do with money while they relax to enjoy the outputs. She introduced me to a Broker who started me through to cumbersome process and I was buying to weekly Financial Times to keep on top of market move, earnings and dividend payment. It was fun!

I eagerly opened a stock brokerage account with an initial deposit of £3, 500. Buying low and selling high making good returns. Targeting IPOs and holding and eventual selling. Not that I knew much but it was fun to be young and making money probably earning respect from my peers.

I began to buy every trading book I could find. I started learning about stocks’ fundamentals, and I traded based on news, what I felt right and what I saw in to papers. No advice or guidance per se.

Then something strange happened. The price behavior of most stocks began to change as some stocks were deemed overpriced and cut back and the world was in a bubble which was to burst.

I remember losing over 75% of my capital holding to various shares that was later slashed in the share price. Had to hold because it was senseless selling lower than the price I bought.

No one is prepared for to bad news, This was it, I was losing money like the speed of light.

The extremely volatile price moves started happening towards the end of 1999, was acting tough but it was not enough I was selling crazily when the negative news was coming in. I went broke! but I didn’t give up as I sought to find proper tutors, mentors to lead me to success.

It was evident the game is not all about instincts as all my toughness would not make me a dime in this bear market. Now I want to be successful in this venture.

My Road to Success

I paid for courses to learn to technicalities and fundamentals of trading, it was basic but was not enough. Later completed my education as an Engineer went on to work but didn’t give up my interest for trading.

As I persisted, I later trained and got a diploma in Financial trading and further help from Jeremy who I found through a website search and I saw how successful he had become despite his initial losses. I chose him as my mentor.

I started trading again now with a diploma and a mentor in the bag. Now I am learning to trade the right way and practice how to position size, risk and reward strategies with a combination of virtual accounts and real accounts to project my growth in the trading environment.

In a matter of time, I bought a 4 bedroom detached house, another investment property and an ever growing account by a combination of skills learnt and put into use.

Over the years the journey has not been all sailing but I am motivated and my mental state is to think success not failure. I have read books which I will recommend later on, this books helped my mental state and trading psychology. Dare to be a learner, to be better and help those who want to do same.

Practice makes Better

There is a point in practicing because you will become better, you will know what is right from what is wrong. Productivity and profit come when you practice tips and techniques that you have in your little brain box.

Let us start a journey to trade stocks and options by using available market tips and techniques. What I am offering you is to grow from to dummy and become better, this is for you a dummy retail trader who wants to learn, grow and make profitable trades taking advantage and mitigate the risk to reward your pocket with extra cash.

All the best,


Founder Simply Stocks and Options

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