Stock Trading Tips – Doubt less and Act More

Yes just like that. In real sense success takes preparation but when the opportunity arrives it looks like magic or a miracle. In fact, if you don’t have a strategy or follow a proven path, it may never happen at all.  You are wondering why I am discussing success as if it takes few minutes to make it all happen.

Two Strategies…

Strategy #1 is for anyone interested in leading a successful life or business is to PLAN…

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Stock Market Analysis – Monday 15th October 2018

Hello Traders, here we are ready to kick start another trading week. The retail sales data got released before markets opened in the US but came out with a little negative; the market may interpret this positively given it may slow some fed action and the market maybe relatively sow this week because there is not catalyst for adrenaline.


Couple of nasty days last week and finished with a
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Support and Resistance – Your Stock Market Winning Indicator


How will you successfully trade the financial markets and grow your retirement pot, investment account and other wealth accumulation portfolio you currently own or manage if you do not understand the basic driving forces of Stock Market Price Change? Are you thinking of increasing  Return on Investment on your portfolio? Most dummy traders feel that the market is always against them and it takes luck to win on trades.

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Stock Charts Free – Understanding Candlestick Charts vs Bar Charts

Now you have had time to think of what your real trade driving force is, this takes us back to the stock charts. One of my goals is to eventually help you put cash into your bank account through trading and to do this we need to know the destination and to get us to the destination we have to embark on a journey and the journey which we already started in the  previous and we continue in this post;

  • To trade profitably by becoming able to read stock chart,
  • Pick a trade direction and
  • Utilize the right strategy or strategies.

To pick a direction you need to be able to read a stock chart. That is where everything begins.

Previously we dealt with the line chart so that brings us to the bar chart.

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Stock Market and Investing – Market Analysis 08th October 2018

It was a very exciting trading week ended on Friday 04th October 2018, it just goes to show that what goes up must definitely come down.

Based on the last 2 trading sessions, the question we should be asking now is how far down will the markets be going? What does this new week bring? Some weeks it is difficult to technically forecast the market movement and I guess this is one of such week. There are lots of signals we can get into more like a month of bearishness but this does not look like a major reversal upheaval.
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Stock Charting

Hello! Let’s get into the nitty gritty of stock trading. First you need to understand the chart.

I will use this opportunity to delve deep into charting. For you to make profit in trades you need to be able to read a stock chart along with that you also need to pick a direction as the market moves in 3 direction which are upwards, downwards or sideways and fianlly must be able to pick a strategy.

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The Basic Keys to Trading Successfully

The key to trading successfully and putting away money in the bank is having the right education, you cannot successfully trade without educating yourself. The right education entails simple steps around the mechanics, analysis and strategies. According to my mentor, success is not hard to find, but one must suspend their disbelief, replicate what other successful people have done, and know their efforts will lead to similar results. Continue reading “The Basic Keys to Trading Successfully”

My Trading Story

About Dayo

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