Stock Market Trading Idea for 15th November 2018

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Hello Simply Stocks and Options Traders!

This week I have decided to put out 2 trade ideas you can set up on your trading platform. Do seems a good way to end the Trading week.

I decided to give out the set up with a bit of technical analysis to support the trade ideas and setup, the trades are viable and can be taken.

Please be aware of your personal circumstance and financial situation before taking the trades as this trade ideas are intended to demonstrate techniques such as risk reward ratio and other strategies we discuss week in week out.

Simply stocks and options is not responsible for any loss that may occur based on these concepts.


Microsoft with ticker symbol MSFT has a nice bearish trading picture
because it is being lagging despite other tech companies leading the way in the
downturn, Microsoft did not hold strong and no big selling pressure.

MSFT looks
like a textbook head and shoulder but technically we need to drop below $100 to
set up for a rally.


Oscillators are all heading down, there seems to be a
divergence on the MACD.

The ADX confirms a bearish setup and this is indicated with the green circle on the image

MSFT Trade Idea Setup

Entry at $104.47 with a

Stop loss at $108.53 to include an extra cushion because of the volatility.

Initial target is set at $100 and the next target of $96 / $97.

For the stock trade idea on Microsoft, an option trade set up is quite handy by buying a Long December Put.


Many Stock traders have traded Amazon with ticker symbol AMZN for a
long time but it is definitely in a bearish trend as of now, after previous trading sessions it is now in a big sell off and rallied up to the Moving Averages and the last 3 trading session we had the evening star reversal candlestick.

This is a confirmed bearish trading setup.

You will need a lot of capital to
short the stock so I will not advise this but due to the expensive nature of this trade it makes the most to buy a December Long Put.


All confirm the bearish trade

AMZN Trade Idea Setup

Entry at the low of the day at $1,597 and

Stop loss around the Moving average $1670 with

Initial target of $1,500 and next target at $1350.

Let me know what you think in the comment box below and if you need to get clarification on the set up send me your question and I am happy to answer them. Do not forget to subscribe for more trading education, ideas and market updates.

See you soon.

5 Replies to “Stock Market Trading Idea for 15th November 2018”

  1. Hi.  i’m afraid I have little to no experience with trading.  I’ve always thought it would be something interesting to get into but because I’m blind, it’s very difficult to get into it because the software is always very graphical in nature.  What I don’t understand is how you keep an eye on the stocks prices constantly without having to sit at your computer all day.  How does it work?  What can you do to prevent the best buying/selling prices passing you by?

    1. Hi Kerry

      A good education helps and you don’t have to kee eye on the prices if your strategy is good and based on Technical Analysis.

      See my post on predicting stocks in an unpredictabke market and trading for cash. It should help.

  2. hello,  a good post from you to end the trading week and hopefully all traders go home smiling .

    Depending on one’s financial status and trading intent I think one should know when to enter the market and when to take profit and apply stop losses. Expecting more trading options from you.

    Thank you 

    Happy weekend….  

    1. I think circumstances play a large part in trading and that determines the amount of risk I am willing to take on a trade.

      Good ideas. How long should I remain the trades for?

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